Forum Title: Problem with designing solution of pivot door for dog.
Hi everybody, I'm newbie user to this forum, so If I wrote on wrong section, I apologize. I have a dog, ca. 35kg, that have his sofa inside a garage. Everyday I go there, open a garage door and feed him on a terrace. So I have an idea, to prepare for him pivot door inside garage gate. My plan is to prepare rectangle 100x50cm, and install it in half way to each of vertical edges with pivot hinge (like in hotels). This is simple. But to avoid leave those door opened I'd like to prepare mechanism to set those door opening for short time and then to close them automatically 180 or 360 degrees. I don't know how to resolve that. I thought to use some little magnets, but I don't know is this right solution. Any suggestions appreciated. Scheme -> Greets from Poland Lucas
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: HILDA GRIFFITH (San Ramon, CA), 01/08/2019

Anyone recognise this type of window? there are some type of screws or alann key type bolts on top that if I unscrew may release the pane but I'm not sure and it's hard to get at Plus the Allan key head is not a regular one, so I have to try find something to fit it

- GINA SUTTON (Greenville, SC), 02/03/2019

It's better than them just living outside 24/7 which many do, with way less protection than a garage. As long as he has access to food, water, and shelter...the better off he'll be. They make double acting hinges, that will swing both ways and will spring return to the midpoint (closed) position. If you somehow hinge it from the top, it would be much cheaper and gravity will return it to close. It doesn't even have to be true hinges. You could use screw eyes into the top of the flap and two screws through the eyes into the door. You could also attach magnets to the bottom of the flap and opening on the inside that will attract and help hold it closed.

- Yen Martin (Bloomington, IL), 02/15/2019

Of course I agree that keeping dog in garage by human decision for fun is cruel. But I decided to make my dog sleep inside garage, because of mental problems (for example our dog is able to pee about 21 times for 15 minutes, and of course was diagnosed by vet for health problems - everything is ok with his health), so the only solution was to make him place to sleep inside house in garage. Whole day he spends outside in garden... He eat his barf food in house, and then he is going outside again. But sometimes at night he barks to get out for pee, so door for him is better solution than waking up every time he bark xD We also have Temporary Home for homeless cats (three own cats and four homeless for adoptions), we sterilize them and finding then new better homes, so please don't make us cruel for animal. Come to PL and see all those dogs left outside without shelter, water, kept on chains... -.- Getting back to topic - hinge on up is good idea, but sometimes door can not close all, because of gasket (we want to avoid getting cold air inside), so mechanic help to close door will be better. I even thought about electro magnet to close them, but ordinary magnet will be less dangerous for dog I think.

- STEPHEN WRIGHT (Chandler, AZ), 02/05/2019

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